Weekly Staff Member Review - Week Three: Cana Havich
Hello my lovelies! We're back with another edition of the Weekly Staff Member Review! I know... I know - we get a lot of them; but that's because there's so many staff members to cover! And we can't leave out a single one of them. Hope you all enjoy!

- From : Ezralynn Hrysovatlantis

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Ezralynn Hrysovatlantis

Ezralynn Hrysovatlantis It's because you're an amazing person Cana and you deserve the love and support and compassion that people give you <3

Cana Havich

Cana Havich What can I say, except thank you for all of the lovely comments. I am extremely flattered. It means a lot to me that all of you who sent in comments would take the time to do so <3

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