Eli Likes
What is better than chocolate? Some might say nothing, others might say everything. But for me, there is only one type of food that can beat chocolate during the hot summer days: Watermelon!

- From : Alyson Bloom

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Alyson Bloom

Alyson Bloom So... I might have bribed him to do two… I just love watermelon and I wanted to try them both and share them both and I just love this and Eli so freaking much!

Liej Stranger

Liej Stranger Can I order this from Uber eats plz?

Eli Giordano

Eli Giordano ;))))) I gottchu, hmu in mails <3 XD

Aiden Bennet

Aiden Bennet Aiden likes!

Kandara Havich

Kandara Havich Make me some, Eli!

Judith Albarn

Judith Albarn same

Stardust Night

Stardust Night *snorts* xD

Lawrence Dixon

Lawrence Dixon This is amazing! I love watermelon

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