Eli Likes
We all love sushi! (Or not...) And we all know and love burritos (Or not…) But what would you get when you combine these two dishes? Well... You can find out, as we are making 'Sushi Burrito'

- From : Alyson Bloom

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Alyson Bloom

Alyson Bloom I need to try this!!! It looks so yummy!

Eli Giordano

Eli Giordano I'm obsessed with this, like seriously XD <3 Best thing I ever tried.

Zara Moretta

Zara Moretta Oooo, yummyyy

Taylor Rogers

Taylor Rogers OH MY GODS!

Greta Giordano

Greta Giordano Oh wowza, I don't even like sushi, but I kinda want this

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