Which Commander are you?
Last time we had the jobs and we had so many great reactions! Yet every group is lead by a Commander... So, which commander is most like you?

- From : Alyson Bloom

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Talia Mayim

Talia Mayim I love this!

Heather Bohannon

Heather Bohannon Keaton xD

Venus Sokolov

Venus Sokolov I got Talia! :D

Judith Albarn

Judith Albarn Majority D, how ironic

Rebecca Williams

Rebecca Williams I got Talia

Eris Phoenix

Eris Phoenix Mix between A and D soo hard...

Dawn Visini

Dawn Visini I got Valencia! My own cousin~

Luna Volkov

Luna Volkov I got Alyson

Ruby Peterson

Ruby Peterson I got Edric....XD ew

Odelya Vasiliev

Odelya Vasiliev ooh, tie between Keaton and Edric

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