What job fits you?
Are you seeing all these amazing colours in the chat and wondering what they are? These are people with jobs and you can get them too! With this quiz you might find out what job suits you! Leave your results here in the comments

- From : Alyson Bloom

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Erin Frost

Erin Frost I got a tie between Public Relations Officer and Archivist. Maybe if I retire from the Legion in the future, I'll do one of those. xD

Seraphina Beauty

Seraphina Beauty So fun!!! I got a tie between Operations Officer and Journalist, which are the two jobs I most want!!!

Ellaya Brandt

Ellaya Brandt This is a great article! Loved this quiz. Glitter cannon ftw!!

Valencia Jareau

Valencia Jareau Operations Officer through and through!

Odelya Vasiliev

Odelya Vasiliev Ooh a tie, B and C

Kaspian Bohannon

Kaspian Bohannon Fascinating...

Venus Sokolov

Venus Sokolov Great quiz Christopher! I got mostly Fs and Gs... interesting. XD

Dawn Visini

Dawn Visini Awesomeeeee

Blackgate prisoner

Blackgate prisoner Excellent article!!

Blackgate prisoner

Blackgate prisoner Helpful!

Judith Albarn

Judith Albarn im curious too :1F), 2. E), 3 D), 4.B), 5. G)
6. D) .7. B (the crude truth), 8.H) .9. D)

Valerie Kingston

Valerie Kingston Amazing quiz! I got mostly A and D <4

Azalea Deveraux

Azalea Deveraux I’m tied between Transcripts and Archives XD

Loey Nordstrom

Loey Nordstrom This was a great quiz!

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