Guess the song! ︳#009
Thank you for joining us all here again today and a happy Friday to you all! We're gonna kick-start the weekend with a blog about guessing songs - sounds fun, right? Well, I sure hope so! Think you know the answer? Post in the comments below or send Roxy Mcknight your answer over mail. We'll be looking forward from hearing from you all!

- From : Mazikeen Davíd

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Valyanna Zeta

Valyanna Zeta Alicia Keys - No One? :)

Kia Zayas

Kia Zayas Dunno *is trying hard to figure it out*

Sapphire Isaacs

Sapphire Isaacs Wait XD

Sapphire Isaacs

Sapphire Isaacs Selena Gomez - Lose You to Love Me

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