Carvings on a Stone: Issue 3
Hello! Welcome to Carvings on a Stone, where we give you a short snippet from our mind based on any sort of writing prompts that YOU provide. It could be about anything at all! This issue is just to give people the chance to realize that if you put your mind to it, you could write about anything and everything! I hope you enjoy it!

- From : JiHye Song

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Avelaine Brimmalyne

Avelaine Brimmalyne This is a fantastic one! So well written and beautiful! And as for a word... rutabaga ;)

Zephyr Delaney

Zephyr Delaney That's amazing, I love this!

Marilou DeAngelo

Marilou DeAngelo This is lovely as usual JiHye ^-^

Jill Warren

Jill Warren such a beautiful word! what about the word: waterfall

Calypso Rebelke

Calypso Rebelke You used my word! And a beautiful piece, personally, I think you used dragons as much as you did lanterns <3 Another word? Let me think . . . an intersting yet simple one. Orb!

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