Weekly Staff Member Review - Week Five: Julia Morgan
Hello my lovely Metahuman friends! We're back with yet another Staff Member Review - this one is on Julia Morgan! This time we are back on track and ready to rock and roll! (Or is it Rick and Roll?) As you all know; this blog focuses on the staff member chosen for the week and it includes lovely things from those who leave comments! I hope you all enjoy <3

- From : Ezralynn Hrysovatlantis

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Sidney Vincent

Sidney Vincent Life got ahead of me so I forgot to send in a post, but you are legit very cuul ( :P ), Julia. My dear predecessor, I daresay I think you, Oakley, and Emma were the first ones to hound me when I got sorted, and you were absolutely amazing upon helping me set myself up for success when I got my job here. You are truly a role model for everyone regardless of their experience, age, or wisdom, and the site (and staff) would undoubtedly be a different place without you in it. Thank you for leading the Cosmics with a high caliber of sophistication and grace, and for your all around radiance of warmth and kindness.

Ezralynn Hrysovatlantis

Ezralynn Hrysovatlantis Look... I only taunted you because you didn't believe that I would be able to pull it off. Never doubt me and my abilities; because when I want to do something... I'll do it. You're loved Jules. By a lot more people than you thought. You deserved it. ALL OF IT! And I just wanna say... You're an amazing friend. You've been there a lot for me and I don't know what I would do without you. You always manage to make me smile even without trying; laugh when I want to cry... the opposite of anything negative really. You're a ray of sunshine in this world - and honestly; your name may be in red, but you're even more golden than my name, from your heart to your soul. I haven't been able to have the honor of calling you yet, but I have had the honor to work alongside you and to see the joy you bring to everyone here. I have had the honor to scream at a code while you try and help me fix it because I ran out of patience with the damn thing. You are amazing and no words will ever be enough to describe just HOW amazing. I hope you never doubt me again... because I would do this. All over. 9,999,999,999,999 times. And more. You're a person worth fighting for - worthy and capable of love. A person who should smile more than she should cry. Why? Because it's all true. Everything that everyone said about you. And more. And nothing you say will ever convince me or others otherwise. You're the best mama Cosmic we all could ask for; and I wouldn't even dream of leaving your team as you once accused me. I could never. And I never want to see you go - that will be the day I leave. Is when you leave. Because we need you. I love you Jules - we all do. MWAH!

Oliver Cyrus

Oliver Cyrus Aw we love you <3

Julia Morgan

Julia Morgan Oh my gosh, I've been crying for the past twenty minutes. This is the sweetest thing ever. Ezra has been taunting me for the past week ever since she decided to make this post. I love each and every single one of you and you all hold such a special place in my heart. Special recognition to Ezzy for doing this. Thank you all and I'm going to go back to crying now.

Azelea Quinn

Azelea Quinn Julia! This is so amazingly sweet! This so well deserved. You are AMAZING! xD

Emma Renegade

Emma Renegade Julia this is so well deserved! We love you sooooo much! <3

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