Monday Morning Memes: Issue 1
Having those Monday blues? No worries, because Cephalus Aetos is here to cheer you up with some hilarious memes, coming atcha every Monday biweekly! Don't miss it, everyone sure deserves to laugh their Monday away.

- From : JiHye Song

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Kallista Jade

Kallista Jade Uhm mondays do NOT suck, thank you very much. Mondays are awesome!!

Calypso Rebelke

Calypso Rebelke I can’t believe we didn’t have this column before! I absolutely love it!

Brooklyn Maris

Brooklyn Maris jkdoawfh I love this!

Marilou DeAngelo

Marilou DeAngelo This is LOVELY!! Thank you so much for the much-needed laugh Cephalus :3

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