Happy Halloween - A SoMe Event
Halloween is just around the corner. To celebrate this fun holiday, as we can't go from door to door on this site, the PRO's and I have worked on a little event for all of you! I hope you'll enjoy it!

- From : Alyson Bloom

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Mea Ramone

Mea Ramone I've sent the story! :3

Alyson Bloom

Alyson Bloom Well Ruth... You can always write the story and participate with that dear! And ofcourse I mean our socialmedia channels Judith <3

Eli Riddle

Eli Riddle I believe the date of submission for the Halloween story event may be wrong. It currently shows November 30th 1pm GMT. Shouldn't that be October 30th?

Judith Albarn

Judith Albarn there are quite a lot photos of the golden pumpkin on instagram

Ruth Cabello

Ruth Cabello and here i am, one of the few People without social media :D But good luck everyone! Go find them pumpkins!

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