Blue Moon Fools - A Special Edition Blog!
As you all may have noticed yesterday; things were a little weird around here. Staff members weren't who they were supposed to be - crazy things were happening in chat... and all around; mass confusion. So I, Ezralynn, took the liberty of digging into everything and captured 'evidence' in an order to try and set things straight. I am calling this blog "Blue Moon Fools" because... well; April Fools happens once in a blue moon - Hope you all enjoy!

- From : Ezralynn Hrysovatlantis

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Axsilon Winterheart

Axsilon Winterheart Fan-freaking-tastic that was a great day all around

Ezralynn Hrysovatlantis

Ezralynn Hrysovatlantis Y'all were nuts xD But I'm glad you enjoyed the blog! So many comments- wowee!

Julia Morgan

Julia Morgan Oh my marriage!! I do miss that cowboy.

Marilou DeAngelo

Marilou DeAngelo My little ponyyyyy, My little ponyyyy! :OO

Oliver Cyrus

Oliver Cyrus Love this so much xD I was featured yeee

Blackgate prisoner

Blackgate prisoner Amazing blog indeed :D

Evelyn Partham

Evelyn Partham Never leaving this page

Laurana Lorelei

Laurana Lorelei Great read! I loved it! Amazing

Veronica Versuli

Veronica Versuli Wonderful blog post as well. The coding looks fantastic

Veronica Versuli

Veronica Versuli This was FUN XD

Seraphina Beauty

Seraphina Beauty AHAHAHA YESSSS THIS WAS GREAT it was even weirder on Discord lol. But I'm still thinking: Imagine if someone had joined yesterday. They probably would've noped out

Oakley Derrington

Oakley Derrington Omg this is amazing! We had so much fun hahahaa

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