Guess the Meta: Issue 1
What's this? We have a new user? Well, they're here with something new too. Have you ever been a fan of guessing games? Well, now is your chance! Come drop by every Sunday!

- From : JiHye Song

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Erin Frost

Erin Frost The answer is Ignis. ^-^ Have to tell you here because I'm quitting as a boysen.

Xahria Thorne

Xahria Thorne Alright, I am stuck on Leroy Caseto and Bray Watt. Amazing Article, Erin!

Ignis Sapientia

Ignis Sapientia I think It's Nathanael Braedy, Amazing article thought

Sage Auberon

Sage Auberon Interesting, interesting! I'll hazard a guess that it could be Bray Wyatt? Well done, Erin!

Ace Turner

Ace Turner I'm going with Ignis!! ^-^ Great interview!

Amiya Fletcher

Amiya Fletcher There isn't much to go on so honestly I think it could be almost anyone... but I'll pick Nathanael Braedy

Sabrina Norwood

Sabrina Norwood This is difficult.. I’ll just guess Lachlan Hayes but not much to go on so idk XD

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