Welcome to the Grey Area: Issue #1
Welcome to a new segment, the Grey Area, where we bring to you a much needed discussion on what it means to label someone as superhero, antihero or even a villain. There will be a poll where you can vote and submit your thoughts and opinions! Bringing this to you every Wednesday biweekly, so I hope you love it!

- From : JiHye Song

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Grey Fiorello

Grey Fiorello The what area? O.o

Casey Beck

Casey Beck Okay she can't be evil she's a redhead and redheads are never evil

Julia Morgan

Julia Morgan Oh I never considered this :o What an amazing idea!

Monroe West

Monroe West oh this is very interestingggg

Émilie Newton

Émilie Newton Very interesting, yes!!

Marilou DeAngelo

Marilou DeAngelo I'm absolutely in love with this concept! I certainly think that people can look at Poison Ivy differently. It will be super interesting to hear and see what others think

Blackgate prisoner

Blackgate prisoner Ooh interesting o-o!

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