Maxy's Arty Inn: Issue 1
Welcome to Maxy's Arty Inn, where our very own Max Caruso will be reviewing an artwork! Excited to see all the amazing artworks? Do drop by every Saturday then, coming to you biweekly :3

- From : JiHye Song

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Artemis Creed

Artemis Creed This is such a fun and unique article!

Avelaine Brimmalyne

Avelaine Brimmalyne Wow honestly... I know so little about digital art anyway. But Mari, this looks fantastic. Also, great blog!

Marilou DeAngelo

Marilou DeAngelo I love you Maaaxy :P Thank you so much for all the suggestions that I definitely will be taking to heart in hope to make my art even better <3

Oakley Derrington

Oakley Derrington I love thissss

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